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Reduce the operational cost, mitigate risk, and minimize downtime.

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Our approach

Our only vested interest is in your success.

Our approach is based on:

Service delivery: All services provided by STP are delivered at the highest level according to best standards. Here’s our motto: All our competitors should envy by quality of our work, but no one should not able to do the same.

Staff qualification: The entire staff of STP are qualified IT specialists, and career growth directly depends on the number and type of certifications. We are hiring only enthusiastic people, who do not stop developing themselves and our customers.

Toolbox: To solve each problem, we are using tools that is best suited for it, and the advantage is given to innovative technologies. This is the only principle to selects both internally instruments and those offered to our customers.

Company management: All procedures of the STP are documented and coordinated, excluding single person dependency. Customers IT environment data is stored in accordance with ISO 27001 security standard compliance. All jobs and projects are documented and coordinated with special systems to increase efficiency and maintain track record of operations.