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COVID-19 and Remote Worker

How Fast Can You Make the Change?

COVID-19 and Remote Worker

CDC and government officials are stepping in and mandating companies to work from home. Not only could this become temporary law during this pandemic, but this ruling could also be the best way to protect your employees from being exposed to the novel virus. So, what can you do to prepare to transition your workforce into a work-from-home team that still performs at peak efficiency?


Move to a Cloud Voice Solution
A managed cloud voice solution will enable your work-at-home employees by leveraging the following benefits of a unified communication system:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Mobile App
  • Collaboration
  • CRM Integration


Remote File Share
Employees that work from home must be able to share, collaborate, and store files inthe Cloud. Identify the right solution for your business to ensure all business is running at peak efficiency.


High Speed Internet
Business owners should survey their employees’ access to internet. Employees may experience disconnects, or find they are unable to effectively access tools and information.


Identify & Provide Devices
Review with your employees what necessary devices they need to work from home effectively. Work to ensure all staff have access to the tools they need, so your business does not experience unnecessary downtime.


Secure Home Computers
If your employees must use personal home computers, then you need to make sure that their systems have at the very least the correct security patches as well as virus protection. This will help protect your business information as the employees remote connect to your corporate data.


How Fast Can You Make the Change?
If you are ready to make changes as you transition to a work from home model, our team is prepared to walk you through next steps. Contact us today and we will get you in touch with one of our trusted advisors!

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